Plugins WordPress สำหรับทำระบบการเรียนรู้ออนไลน์ (WordPress LMS Plugins)

Plugins WordPress สำหรับทำระบบการเรียนรู้ออนไลน์ (WordPress LMS Plugins)

1. Tutor LMS (
Tutor LMS is one of the most popular additions to the world of WordPress LMS plugins. In a very short time, they have amassed an army of 50,000+ eLearning enthusiasts. It comes packed with unique features like the frontend course builder, drag-and-drop course creator, certificate builder, and continuous development support from the parent company, Themeum.

2. LearnDash (
LearnDash is used by many Fortune 500 companies and major universities because of its overall speed, feature set, and impressive online course design. the majority of the must-have features we talked about previously in this article are covered by LearnDash, so I would consider this as a full suite with tools for content dripping, selling courses, rewarding learners, and activating triggers based on actions.

3. LearnPress (
LearnPress serves as the simplest and cleanest choice in the world of WordPress LMS plugins. The plugin is completely free to use, but you most likely have to pay for a LearnPress compatible theme. The main downside is that the customer support isn’t as dedicated as you might find with a premium LMS. That said, most of the basic LearnPress add-ons are free, and the email support reps respond to you within 24 hours. You can also opt to pay for premium add-ons for items like certificates, co-instructor support, and WooCommerce support.

4. Masteriyo (,
Masteriyo, a revolutionary WordPress LMS plugin, is a one-stop solution for those who want to create as well as sell online courses. With its user-friendly and intuitive course builder, even a non-tech-savvy can add courses, lessons, and quizzes without any hassle. The good news is that you can add unlimited courses, lessons, and quizzes as per your requirement.

5. Sensei (
Sensei comes as an extension for WooCommerce, so it’s a practical addition to an eCommerce store that wants to include online videos and courses. The basic premise is simple: you create courses, write lessons, and add quizzes. User registration is also included, and it’s a simple process when adding other WooCommerce elements (like physical products) in with the courses.

6. Lifter LMS (
Lifter LMS is a respectable alternative to LearnDash, but the pricing starts at $299 per year for a full LMS bundle. However, if you’d like to buy add-ons individually, you might be able to save some money, since they are each sold for $99. I don’t really see the point to this, since three add-ons already get you to that $299 price for the package, which includes dozens of the modules for that same price.

7. MasterStudy LMS (
MasterStudy LMS is the full-fledged LMS plugin in our list packed full of features! It makes it simple and hassle-free to build, customize and manage your online education WordPress site. You can download the plugin for free and it will work with any WordPress theme.
The plugin has its own free Starter theme with a ready-made LMS site template. However, if you want to save some time, they also have their MasterStudy premium WordPress theme which instantly takes this plugin to the next level! The theme starts out at just $69.

8. WP Courseware (
WP Courseware is one of the more promising WordPress LMS plugins for a few reasons. First of all, the pricing is far less complicated than some of the competition. In fact, you receive a bonus of a two-site license for the least expensive package, which starts at $99 per year. The on-site demo is the closest thing you’ll get to a free trial, but it’s a beautiful design filled with actual course content to get your creativity flowing.
What’s more is that WP Courseware is used by some of the top universities in the world, such as the University of Illinois and the University of Wisconsin Madison. You’ll also find WP Courseware tools on enterprise training sites, like if you were to work for CNN or Sheraton.

9. Good LMS (
Good LMS sells for $31 and is the only viable WordPress LMS plugin on the CodeCanyon marketplace. It’s interesting that this is the case, since you can find dozens of suitable plugins for other WordPress categories. That said, the $31 fee only gets you support and updates for one year, but the one-time payment still maintains your control over the plugin features. Therefore, it’s the least expensive premium plugin on this list.
As with most good WordPress LMS plugins, Good LMS has features for creating courses, selling them, and implementing quizzes and certificates. The CodeCanyon page includes several demos (student backend, instructor backend, transaction backend) for a full taste of what to expect.

10. Namaste! LMS (
Although it’s not as popular as the previous seven WordPress LMS plugins in this article, Namaste! LMS should not be overlooked. You can download the core plugin for free and design a respectable online course without the need to spend much money. However, the Namaste! premium theme is most likely what’s going to be used for the design, and that starts at $47. In addition, the Namaste! Pro module packs in numerous add-ons and premium support for the year.
As an example, Namaste! Pro offers options for awards and badges, along with file and course protection. You can also enable shopping carts for premium courses and connect with the WooCommerce or WP Simple Cart plugins.